FlyingArray Help

1.How To Create an Account?

If you are a new user and never created any account before or want to create a new account then click on the signup button.


2.How to Register Your Account

Once you click on the signup button you are redirected to this page. Here you have to Register yourself. You can use any Email name and password (password must be an alphanumeric digit)

3.Fill up user Details

Now you have to fill up your personal informations to successfully register your account. For more information check our privacy policy

4.Create Your Business page

Now the most important step is to create a business page. select a name of your business and choose an awesome cover picture by clicking those buttons

5.What is your product or services?

In the category section, select your business type.please Fill up all details carefully

6.How to upload images of your product

To upload images of your product, go to Account

7.Go to My post

Now you are in your business page, here you can see all of your posts. Select MyPost button

8.Select image of your product

Click the icon and choose an image from your gallery. Note that you only can select one image of one product